A Global Team

   As they say it takes a village. Like any business there is the creator, and the team that makes the idea a reality.

   I’m Arthur Tassinello and I like to solve problems. As an essential oil user I began blending oils and creating recipes, that was the easy part. But making notes, filing them and making the calculations was more time consuming than making the blends. Then there were new oils and price changes to keep track of. It became a real chore.

   I knew there was a better way, so after months of working on a model in excel I was ready to turn it over to the designers and coders. Finally, after a year of testing and making sure it worked for iOS and Android we started marketing. By the way, the app works for anyone in the US, Canada or Australia.

   If you have any suggestions that may improve the app or add value, or if you have an idea for an app, just tell me more about yourself and your dreams by clicking on the “Contact Us” button. I have a team from around the globe who can help get it done for you quickly and reasonably.