A Global Team


   I’m Arthur Tassinello and I am part of a global team that have been using and marketing doTERRA essential oils and supplements since 2008. Personally I have been using doTERRA products since 2015, because they have helped me overcome my hypothyroidism, provide me with more energy and stamina, assist me in living a healthier lifestyle and keeping me well. 

   Like you when I began creating essential oil recipes I realized there was a need to easily calculate the cost of those recipes, save them and share them. In the beginning I developed an excel program that made all those calculations. Once I knew it worked I designed how it would work and look as an app. That’s how the app came to fruition. 

   Whether you’re making EO recipes for yourself, for samples to give away or sell, or you have a business where you sell them to the public you need to know how much it’s costing you and now you have an easy way to make those calculations. Also remember to take into consideration your labor.

   If you want to improve your health and are also looking for additional income or to eventually replace your income doTERRA is a great humanitarian company, with amazing products, where you can create a secure financial future.

   Do you have an idea for an app? If so this team of creators, coders, developers and marketers from around the globe can get it done for you quickly and reasonably. We are a global community of entrepreneurs doing our best to bring value to your business and hopefully to your life.  

   If you have any suggestions that may improve the app or add value, or if you have an idea for an app, or want to be part of the doTERRA team just tell me more about yourself and your dreams by clicking on the button below.