“How it Works”

    Download the iPhone or Android App. Click on “Create New Account” Then enter the email address and password that will be used to identify you. Choose the country: US, Canada or Australia. 

   Create a Recipe Name and Add Notes – Also at the top left are 3 Bars. If you click on the 3 Bars it will take you to the side page where you can create folders. I suggest you do this first so when you go to save a recipe you can just choose a folder.

   Create Your Recipe – Now select any one of ten (10) carrier oils. The price of the carrier oils is based on the average selling price marketed on Amazon, except for the Coconut oil and the Spa Lotion, which is the wholesale cost from doTERRA.

   Select the Bottle Size – Your selections are:

1mL (.03oz), 2mL (.07oz.), 3mL (.10oz.), 4mL (.13oz.), 5mL (.17oz.), 10mL (.33oz.), 15mL (.50oz.), 20mL (.67oz.), 30mL (1oz.), 50mL (1.67oz.), 60mL (2oz.), 115mL (4oz.) and 230mL (8oz.).

Once you select the bottle size you will see the total number of drops to fill that size bottle under “Drops.” And you will see the average cost for that bottle size. If you know your exact cost for the bottle you purchased you can edit it and enter that amount.


Choose Your Essential oils – From the drop down menu choose your oils, as many as you want and enter the number of drops for each essential oil. You will notice how it automatically calculates adjusts the number of drops of the carrier oil depending on the total number of drops you enter for each essential oil. If you add too many drops for the bottle size chosen you will get a warning message that your “Bottle Overflowed.

  Save the recipe to one of the “Folders” you created. Once it is saved you can view it, edit it, share it, save it, copy it or print it. DONE! Now create a new recipe.