Worried about getting Alzheimer’s or Dementia or seeking help for someone who has it?

Recent studies show that aromatherapy through diffusing or topical application of these essential oils works as an effective non-pharmaceutical therapy for dementia patients and showed an improvement in cognitive function. Here are a few dōTERRA essential oils that may help.

dōTERRA Rosemary is great for boosting brain function, promotes regeneration of neurological tissue. Apply topically under the nose and across the forehead. Also good for hair growth. DO NOT use if you have high blood pressure or epilepsy.

dōTERRA Lavender taken internally (just 1 drop) can alleviate insomnia, reduce anxiety & depression. It also improves Alzheimer’s symptoms. Diffuse it, add to a warm water bath, apply to temples, wrists or the soles of your feet. Caution do not use undiluted around pets.

dōTERRA Lemon helps prevent premature aging, improves cellular function and memory. Diffuse or apply topically to wrists & chest. Put 1-2 drops in your water for a brain boost.  When used topically avoid sunlight for 12 hours and be cautious using it around cats.

Other EOs that can affect these illnesses and diseases are:

dōTERRA Frankincense improves cognitive health and is increasingly used for Alzheimer’s dementia and brain injury. It also works to attenuate cancer cells and has blood-thinning effects. Take 2-3 drops internally, diffuse or apply topically to the back of the neck & under the nose.

dōTERRA Bergamot acts as a mood-elevating calming agent. Diffuse or place 2-3 drops on hands and breathe in by placing your hands around your nose. Can also be applied to your feet and back of the neck. When used topically avoid sunlight for 12 hours and if you have diabetes closely monitor your blood sugar levels.

dōTERRA Sandalwood promotes mental clarity & memory. Apply 2-3 drops topically to wrists & under the nose. For sensitive skin dilute with a carrier oil such as coconut, argan or olive oil.

dōTERRA Geranium works with the natural chemistry of the brain to prevent conditions linked to memory loss. Rub on your temples, wrists or back of the neck. Avoid this essential oil during pregnancy and dilute for sensitive skin.

dōTERRA Melissa (aka Lemon Balm) is among the most studied oils for helping with Alzheimer’s. Helps reduce agitation symptoms. Diffuse it daily. Avoid this essential oil during pregnancy and dilute for sensitive skin and dilute when diffusing if you have cats or dogs.

dōTERRA Turmeric supports regeneration necessary to improve neurologic diseases. Can be applied topically or taken internally. Caution Turmeric can easily stain clothing; dilute before topical use.

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